Labels are for boxes and files. They work to categorize nonliving things but they don’t accurately describe or tell the truth about the alive, changing nature of moms, dads and kids.

As well as being inaccurate and hurtful, labels can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. Continue to call someone something for an extended time and soon they will come to believe that’s what they are.

Labeling is a great way for (especially) children to learn to give others the power to tell them what they are. They will likely transfer this power to their peers and to our ever- present advertising industry, which thrives on people giving it power to tell them they are deficient in some way and need products to make them something more than they are.

Looking outside oneself for validation and identity undermines a sense of self-worth and self-confidence in people of all ages.

-Exerpt from the book “Respectful Parents Respectful Kids”