Many of our children are empathic (so are many adults, maybe even you!)

Empathic means “to take on the feelings of others.” Many sensitive, empathic kids tend to do this wherever they go, especially in school. In the desire to heal another, whether it is conscious or not (often not), they will often take on the feelings of those around them, and this can be hazardous to their own health.

To recognize and deal with their own feelings is crucial for their soul’s growth, but when other’s feelings are mistaken for their own, life can get very confusing and frustrating.

One way to safeguard against taking on anothers feelings is to put up an “Empathy Bubble”. It’s very simple. All one has to do is imagine a clear bubble, like a very large soap bubble, surrounding the entire body.

The best way I have found to do this is to sit quietly for a moment, close my eyes, and just imagine myself being completely surrounded from head to toe with a beautiful, shimmering, bubble that feels warm and safe inside. I do this whenever I am planning on going into an environment with other people, like a classroom or shopping mall. Since it only takes a few seconds, I can do it in the car before entering the occupied space.

Once the bubble is in place, it’s safe to walk in the occupied space knowing the feelings of others will not be able to penetrate this shield.

It’s easy and fun to teach to your kids. It will help them be sure that what they are experiencing are actually their own feelings, and not those of others. When they recognize what their own feelings really are, they’ll be able to deal with them much easier. This is particularly important for the more sensitive ones, especially when they are in their classrooms.

So instead of reminding them to “keep your hands to yourself” you can say “keep your feelings to yourself!”

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