Jennifer refers only to Indigos in this article, so I substitute the word “Indigo” for “children of today”. I feel this information is very worthy.

Adult Indigos have experienced many of the same issues that their Indigo children are now facing. I know that we brought in the Indigo energy so that we could parent these children in an understanding and compassionate way. One of the things that I remember as a child and a young adult was how criticism and judgment used to make me feel. I always took it very personally and would go out of my way to avoid it. When I had to face it, I never took it well and would worry about it for days and weeks. I did not know, at that time, that it was not something that I should take personally, that I needed to be more discerning and to look at the other person’s intention and purpose in criticizing me. But at the time, I was unable to do that and every criticism set me back and made me doubt myself.

Despite the Indigos’ attitude that they don’t care what anyone says, they actually do care a lot more than they let us know. And they care so much that a harsh word, judgment or strong criticism can shut them down, make them doubt themselves and keep them from moving forward. Even the most brash, outspoken and outwardly confident Indigo constantly asks themselves ‘Am I good enough’, ‘Am I doing this right?’, ‘Am I OK?’ While they appear outwardly confident and very self-assured, they are inwardly not so sure that they know what they are doing.

If you have Indigo children, you know that it is difficult to tell them anything so addressing their insecurities is probably not the best way to open the conversation to help them overcome their insecurities. But even if they are doing something wrong, or the wrong way, being blunt is not the best approach either, nor is criticizing or judging them. While they may challenge everything we say, they are also listening for us to confirm their doubts and fears about themselves to prove that they are not OK, they are doing things the wrong way and they do not know what they are doing. They will take everything personally so what we say and do not say will have equal weight with them. As intelligent as they are, they often have a way of misinterpreting the most well-meaning remarks and changing them into something that is not even close to what we said and then they take it personally.

Both Indigo girls and boys have this problem with taking things personally and it can be a very difficult subject to approach with them. When they are in the mode of taking everything personally, everything that we do or say can make the situation worse. But as with most interactions with them, we can pay attention to what they are not saying or the ‘words behind the words’ and know that what they really want to know is whether they are on the right track. They don’t want reassurance that we are doubting them, they are already doing themselves. They just want to know that they are all right and that things will work out for the best. And we know that they will, in time, so we can validate their worth, remind them that we love them and help them learn to not take things personally.

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