When my daughter was 6 years old and her brother was 3, I found out about the Sudbury Valley School in Massachusettes. After reading their first book, “Free at Last”, I was sold on this school’s amazing philosophy and was ready to pack up the family and move from California so my kids could experience this environment every day.

We didn’t move, but 8 years later I discovered a Sudbury School close enough to us that I could enroll my children. Three years later I am writing this with such love and gratitude to those who founded Big Rock Sudbury School in Novato, CA, as well as those who founded the original Sudbury School because it has literally changed our lives – for the better!

Both my children attend Big Rock Sudbury School (www.bigrock.org, see the link under “blogroll” to the right). They absolutely love it, as well as do all the other children currently enrolled.

Sudbury Schools allow their students to decide all day, every day, what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, and when they want to learn it. Every day the children grow more and more self reliant, becoming completely responsible for themselves. This is what I was hoping my children would do one day. I was thinking it would happen when they grew older and left school but never did I imagine it would be at 12 and 15 years old! (for some kids it begins at age 4 after they enroll!)

Sudbury Schools are truly an amazing environment for any child who can think for themselves (what child can’t?) and can function on their own.

If your child is complaining about his or her current school situation or you notice they seem depressed, sickly, unhappy, in trouble all the time, very withdrawn, and/ or don’t seem to “fit in”, you may want to search for an alternative setting and I highly recommend checking out the Sudbury Schools.

The Children of Today demand a more open, free, learning environment where they can explore their own interests, at their own pace, in their own time, in order to master their lives. By letting them be in an open environment with no one else’s agenda but theirs, I believe we, as parents, are not only doing ourselves, and the children a huge favor by allowing them this freedom to develop naturally, but we are also serving the world because these kids need to be able to explore and develop their individual talents (of which we have no idea what that may be at this time…they do….) in order to move us all along the evolutionary ladder in these coming years.