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St. Francis : Working with Children
through Anina Davenport
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In this time of change children have their own challenges. Their energy systems are often more porous than the systems of adults and many need extra protection. As adults you can help them with this protection by giving them good food and supplements where needed and also time in nature with fresh air and sun. Limit the computer time and some is okay. Exercise too is important and that can be a walk in the park with the dog. Get your children moving; that helps their aura and their emotional, mental and physical bodies. Dance too can be helpful to clear your field whether you are an adult or a child. Drums help to loosen old energies and release them. Once a day or more often we suggest the following visualization. It is not fancy and we suggested it before but it is effective.

Imagine Archangel Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel in the four corners of the room. Ask for Highest Good. (You can also ask for Highest Good for you and your family but Highest Good takes other people into account anyway). Imagine a golden ball in the middle of your chest and then expand it. See the golden light burn off all cords and old energies. Expand it until it encompasses the whole house. Change the color to purple. See the violet flame in your house burning off all old energies; see it clearing your house and your spouse and your children and your pets. See your child being cleared by the violet flame and also imagine angels clearing his or her energy system. You can see them with dust busters sucking up any energy not needed anymore. If your child is at school at this point clear the school. See it full of the purple flame. See your child in a golden egg protected and secure. Ask for Highest Good. Relax.
Are there any questions?

Questioner: I’ve done this exercise once a day for a week and my son has really changed his behavior. He is much more positive.

St. Francis: Yes, he was overwhelmed before. Now he feels like he can breathe. He is getting somewhere.

Questioner: Did he take on other people’s energies?

St. Francis: Yes and imagining him in a golden egg will help him not to take them on. Also flower remedies such as yarrow and rescue remedy are helpful. Your cat too can benefit from the rescue remedy.

Questioner: What else can we do?

St. Francis: Be careful with the thoughts and mental images that you send to your children. If you keep thinking your child is a loser you will reaffirm this image in your child’s mind. Now maybe your child is not the best kid in math but every child has talents and if you see him as doing okay in math his skills might improve. Be careful what you send out.

Questioner: It sounds like I need to be more disciplined with my thoughts.

St. Francis: Yes, especially if you worry a lot. Worries are just thoughts of failure sent out into the world and guess what comes back?

Questioner: Evidence of failure?

St. Francis: Yes, evidence of failure: very good, you are catching on.

Questioner: But I do not control my kid.

St. Francis: Of course not but you have influence. We often liken the violet flame to putting Mozart’s music into a room. It soothes the emotions, relaxes the cells, gives joy to the heart and helps the mind to focus. Adding positive thoughts is like adding beautiful pictures, painting the room with soothing colors, putting down beautiful rugs, adding artistic furniture made with love. Would you rather study math in this room or a cold basement that has signs that say, ‘You are a loser’?

Questioner: I get the point.

St. Francis: So you provide the room so to speak and then of course it is up to the child. You cannot do everything for him obviously.

Questioner: I grew up in a basement as you put it and I’m okay today.

St. Francis: You learned to furnish your own place but it took time and you did have mentors.

Questioner: Yes there was much my parents did not know.

St. Francis: Yes and now you are a mentor to others.

Questioner: Yes, it’s like a full circle.

St. Francis: More like a spiral and you keep growing. Your son who gets supported by you can in the future give more to others. He might start an aid foundation, help orphans or homeless people. You are giving him the foundation to become a mentor on a larger scale.

Questioner: If that is his destiny.

St. Francis: Yes. Our point is if you support your kids whether they are yours or your neighbors then they will give back multifold. If you don’t support them they will struggle to find the basic tools of self-soothing and organization until they can even start to give back. So support your kids. Support someone’s kid and that can be just energetically.

Questioner: I am worried about all the negative pictures that children see on television especially constant pictures of the war.
St. Francis: You have to provide your children with alternate pictures. You can of course limit their television time but that is not enough. You have to tell your children that they are loved by you and God and that there is a soul which cannot be hurt. Now bodies can be hurt of course but the soul, consciousness is inviolate.

Focus is very important for children (and adults). Your child needs something to focus on. These days there are so many distractions that staying focused and centered is a very important skill. Find out what your children like to do. Is there something that is interesting to them that could provide a focus? For some it might be horseback riding. For another it can be woodworking or an interest in history or airplanes. Try to find something that your child can focus on that can help him to not get lost in the brave new world of cell phones, text messaging, e-mails, internet, television, video games etc. We are not against those things but they need to be used in such a way that they contribute to your Highest Good and not take away from it or in other words just distract you from your purpose.

Now your main purpose is to be in peace. Much good happens when you can find some peace and solitude. This does not have to be forced silence. It can be a pleasant walk in the park or just a sigh of relief while watching your favorite comedy show. In general for most of you slowing down your life and your kid’s life is helpful. You want to get into a rhythm; a rhythm of relaxation, a rhythm of just being. Watch your animals if you are not sure what we mean. They still know how to relax. If your life is frantic see what you can cut out. Ask your kids which activity they do not care about that much and let that one go. Go for a walk by the beach instead. Take a trip to the mountains. Sit by a waterfall. Let yourself and your kid relax. Let him talk and tell you why he is upset or nervous or jittery. Relax and help your child to relax. Turn off all the stimulation every once in a while. Do some meditation together or just find some quiet time.

If there are questions about the war talk to your kids. Explain that being peaceful is one of the ways to cultivate peace. Explain that expressing one’s feelings in a rational and non violent way is the way to go. Explain that wars are not inevitable, that if people learn to talk to each other and resolve conflicts peacefully wars can stop. Have a conversation. This is much more important then the first place on the foot ball team although sports and exercise has its place. Movement is important for your child and if he does not like organized sports then ride your bike with him. Sports are not important but movement is.

Questioner: Aren’t the new children different?

St. Francis: Every child is different and is an individual.

Questioner: Aren’t the new children more psychic and endowed with greater healing abilities?

St. Francis: Yes. In general that is true. They will still however have a lot of the same problems that you had in high school. As you know the heightened psychic sense brings advantages and disadvantages. If your child is very psychic it would be helpful for him to get some guidance from a sensitive or healer. Our book Energetic Empowerment might be helpful as well. Learning to set psychic boundaries is very important.

Copyright 2007 by Anina Davenport

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St. Francis of Assisi, lover of all creation, St. Francis of Assisi, lover of all creation, patron saint of animals and the environment.