A recent insight I have had about myself is that I no longer need to go out seeking those who I believe need my help and support, but to allow those needing anything from me to seek me out.

Therefore I have decided to discontinue hosting the monthly meetings, however I would be open to speaking, if invited, at any relevant gathering someone else coordinated.

I wish to thank all those who attended the meetings and to say that I did get a lot from them myself. I always left the gatherings with a joyful heart and a renewed hope for the children.

My focus now is on helping expand enrollment at Big Rock Sudbury School in Novato. http://www.bigrock.org. An amazing school that I would highly recommend to any parent who wishes for a place their child can grow up to be completely self responsible and completely self sufficient. It’s truly a place where children can explore their own passions and dreams without any judgement from anyone.

Scroll down for further information on the subject.

Thank you all!