My name is Randy Sue Collins and like you,  I do many things, including beekeeping, painting, sculpting, teaching art, being a wife, AND I am a mother of two “Children of Today”.

I have a 16 year old boy, and a 19 year old girl, both amazing beings!

I knew they were “different” from the beginning. Both are very soft spoken, not at all aggressive, keen observers, (never jumping into a new situation without thoroughly understanding their part in it), and very “sensitive”. Not only sensitive to physical things (clothing, noises, foods and people) but also psychically.

Over the years, I have been drawn to understand what I believe to be the “Children of Today” and their role on our planet. I have found that there are so many people searching for answers about themselves, their kids and life in general, I felt compelled to “put myself out there” and be of service to those seeking the information I have to offer. I am an advocate for all children, especially those who are quite often misunderstood because people are still trying to categorize them using old, outdated standards and methods.

The Children of Today cannot be put into a box and be understood from one angle only. They are high vibrating beings who act and think outside any box to date.  I truly believe the Children of Today are here to show us how to create a bright, peaceful, harmonious future for everyone.

They are born inherently knowing “who they are” and if allowed, they will blossom into the most magnificent,  loving beings. They need our love and support, not our control and fear.

I hope the  posts on this site are helpful to you.  I encourage you to write to me with your  stories, issues, questions, experiences or comments you want to share about any child or children you know.

I also invite you to visit my website www.thanknature.com and my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/sonomabeelady

Much love and gratitude to you all!


P.S. Open your ears as well as your hearts and take a moment to listen to the children. Even the tiniest child  has the most thoughtful, mindblowing ideas you’ll ever hear! Oh yes, one more thing… SMILE! 🙂


One Response to “About”

  1. Sangeeta Says:

    Hi Randy I hv a special kid named kiddo…world has given him a label of being autistic but for me he is a teacher as well as spritul guide…..thanks for the info….it is really good to see that there are so many like minded people across the globe…take care

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