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The latest video from my daughter Devon after attending a meeting with Veronica Torres, Eloheim and the Council.


A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit

I have just finished reading the new  “Empowering Your Indigo Child – A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit” by Wayne Dosick, PhD and Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW, published by Weiser Books.

I highly recommend it to all parents or caregivers of today’s children.

This book not only offers helpful, detailed descriptions of some of the kids today, (they focus on Indigo children) but included are three separate processes to help heal energetic issues carried by all sensitive people, but especially the children.

The Dosicks have published these inspired processes which include fun, guided games for parents to play along with their children.

The book contains 3 parts, along with an introduction. Part 1 is “The 17″ Spiritually Healing Children’s Emotional Wounds. These are games for parents and children aged 7-17. Part 2 is ” Gracelight”, the process for Weaving Harmony for the Littlest Indigos ages 0-7. And Part 3 is” The Point of Essence Process”, which is Pro-Claiming the Truth of Who You Are. This process is for 18 years and up.

My 14 year old son and I performed “The 17” yesterday and I experienced myself becoming emotional several times when he and I connected on such intimate levels. I realized that I had not been really seeing and supporting him as clearly as I thought I had been and I think he felt a closer bond with me after we were through as well.

The games were fun and easy and didn’t take that much time to complete.

I also performed Part 3, The Point of Essence Process for myself and then with my husband. I felt an immediate calming within.

I think this book would benefit any parent and child who invest the small amount of time it takes to play the games. The outcome may surely be relaxation and connectedness to one another as well as the environment, which can benefit everyone, young and old.

“Empowering your Indigo Child” will be released on March 1, 2009 on You can order your copy today. Buy 2 and give one as a gift!

This is my 17 year old daughter’s high school senior project.  She came up with the whole concept all on her own. Devon spent a couple of weeks filming and editing.

She and her brother attend Rancho Bodega School in Cotati, CA, an alternative High School emphasizing Music & the Arts

I think she did a great job and it just goes to show what kids can do when left to their own devices!

… Where thinking is moving from the 3D linear perspective to non-linear Quantum thought…AUTISM… IT IS NOT A DISORDER, IT IS EVOLUTION!! BLESSED ARE THEY!!!… PLEASE STOP DRUGGING THEM.!!!!!!!!!!!

Information from Kryon via Lee Carroll..

This video is part 3 of 4 parts. You can find the other parts on youtube. I thought this one was most relevant in explaining what we currently label “autism”. The beginning of part 3 is referring to autistic children.

Several families cooperating together to create “Freedom to Dream: A Place of Learning”, (which is a self-directed learning environment)  are now gathering each week to work on opening in September ’07 in Novato or Southern Petaluma, CA.

We are currently in search of the perfect site which has been envisioned as a rambling farmhouse on some land with an outbuilding or two. We would like a place to rent or lease or work, with the intention of becoming a self-sustainable learning center by growing and selling our own organic produce.

The video from Fairhaven School in Maryland, explains a bit of the philosophy we wish to continue at “Freedom to Dream”.

“Freedom to Dream” is a place that kids, 8-18, can go everyday to explore their own interests, in their own time, in their own way.

If you are interested in enrolling your child or children, 8 years old and up, please contact me for further details.

Blue Star Brilliance

Energy Update by Suzy Miller

Time to Rise to the Occasion

As far as I can see, we are all now fully functioning or capable of functioning from higher levels of awareness. All of us have full access to multidimensional perception NOW and we can all tune into it at will. The children see this clearly and are therefore really pushing us again to wake up to the reality that there is so much more for us to experience. They are pushing us to be present in every aspect of our being and they are asking us to finally release the emotional bondage that keeps us in “less than” mode. I have watched children over the last month clearly reflect the “less than” beliefs of the adults in their lives. They are trying to help us understand the limited way in which we see ourselves and how that reflects what we create in our lives. During a recent classroom consult, I watched a child, labeled Autistic, literally beat up on his teacher. He kicks, bites and spits, but only her. She asked why he would do this to her. When I suggested that he was simply reflecting what she does to herself, she fell silent. The children are demonstrating, the lack of tolerance that we have for ourselves.

How can we think so poorly of ourselves, when so much is available to us? How can we not see the miraculous way that the Universe has provided every opportunity for us to grow and know ourselves as Divine children? We can not see because, we have not been taught to see in this way. Please stretch yourselves. Please use your children as a looking glass. Please ask yourself the hard questions and please know that your children are not punishing you by their behaviors. They are not telling you that you are “less than”, they are showing you the way through it. They are asking you to feel what has been unfelt and know the parts of yourself that have been unknown. They are pushing you through to new levels of personal awareness that you have forgotten. Their acting out, is not easy on them either, but we all said that we would be a pure reflection for each other.

Please rise above the obvious to see the magnificence that takes place for us in every moment. Please release your limited view of what is possible, so that we can all see this new reality. Please allow the old structures to crumble, knowing full well that the new has already been created. How do we do that, you might ask?

We just did!

If in doubt, please re-read the paragraph and feel the release.

From the children, through me, with love,


A recent insight I have had about myself is that I no longer need to go out seeking those who I believe need my help and support, but to allow those needing anything from me to seek me out.

Therefore I have decided to discontinue hosting the monthly meetings, however I would be open to speaking, if invited, at any relevant gathering someone else coordinated.

I wish to thank all those who attended the meetings and to say that I did get a lot from them myself. I always left the gatherings with a joyful heart and a renewed hope for the children.

My focus now is on helping expand enrollment at Big Rock Sudbury School in Novato. An amazing school that I would highly recommend to any parent who wishes for a place their child can grow up to be completely self responsible and completely self sufficient. It’s truly a place where children can explore their own passions and dreams without any judgement from anyone.

Scroll down for further information on the subject.

Thank you all!


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