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For anyone who ever wanted to have their own private honey supply or raise a garden that was the envy of the neighborhood, read on!

The “Organic Beekeeping 101″ DVD is now available!

When you log on to http://im4bees.com/ and buy the DVD on Friday, December 3, between 6am until midnight, I have arranged for you to receive a bunch of valuable bonus gifts. The bonus items won’t cost you a thing, and are available ONLY as a “Thank You” on Friday!

With this DVD, you will get an up-close and personal look at the lives of bees – some of nature’s most fascinating (and often misunderstood) insects. You’ll also discover why the bee’s survival is so critical to our own. And you’ll realize that anyone (even you) can have a hive that thrives. All you need to do is follow Randy Sue’s excellent, easy-to-understand advice.

Remember this Friday, Dec. 3rd from 6am until midnight log on to http://im4bees.com/ and follow the instructions!

Happy Beekeeping!

It makes a GREAT gift too!

Check out OrganicBeekeeping101.com too!

Beekeeping is a wonderful activity to do with the whole family! It’s educational and a lot of fun!

… Where thinking is moving from the 3D linear perspective to non-linear Quantum thought…AUTISM… IT IS NOT A DISORDER, IT IS EVOLUTION!! BLESSED ARE THEY!!!… PLEASE STOP DRUGGING THEM.!!!!!!!!!!!

Information from Kryon via Lee Carroll..

This video is part 3 of 4 parts. You can find the other parts on youtube. I thought this one was most relevant in explaining what we currently label “autism”. The beginning of part 3 is referring to autistic children.

Check out http://www.whatsuponplanetearth.com to read about the latest energetic scene on the planet. Karen Bishop receives some very accurate information from “above” and writes about it at great length. I happen to agree with her description of autistic children as well as the ones we label indigo, crystalline, etc.

I personally don’t agree with labeling children. I prefer to just know they are here for their own purpose, just as the rest of us are, which is why no one is any better or worse then another. I prefer to support them in their growth and allow them to “be” as they need and want to “be”. I don’t pretend to know what that purpose is or that anyone’s purpose is even any of my business. This includes my own children.

This is why I feel it is incredibly inappropriate for anyone, (parent, teacher, etc.) to tell another, (child, friend, etc.) what they should do with their life. There’s no way to know what that child has on their spiritual list of things to experience here on Earth, just as it’s not possible for anyone to know what your purpose is. Bottom line – mind your own business and be an example of someone who is living a life you love by doing what you love in every moment of every day. It is possible.

Here’s a question written by one of Karen’s readers:

My twins are on the autistic spectrum. I have read about crystal/indigo children and autism, does it have implications in ascension?



I don’t know much about the labels you describe, but I have had experience with autistic children. They are truly awesome indeed. They literally have one foot in one dimension and another foot in another dimension…much like us now! Autistic children are easy for higher vibrating individuals to interact with because they are at more similar levels and they can “see” each other. Autistic children are here to bridge the gap by holding a line of connection between dimensions. This is why the incidence of autism has skyrocketed in recent years. Our new children, or those you refer to as crystals and indigos, have a bit of a different purpose. More information about them can be found in an answer further along in this Questions & Answers section.

Several families cooperating together to create “Freedom to Dream: A Place of Learning”, (which is a self-directed learning environment)  are now gathering each week to work on opening in September ’07 in Novato or Southern Petaluma, CA.

We are currently in search of the perfect site which has been envisioned as a rambling farmhouse on some land with an outbuilding or two. We would like a place to rent or lease or work, with the intention of becoming a self-sustainable learning center by growing and selling our own organic produce.

The video from Fairhaven School in Maryland, explains a bit of the philosophy we wish to continue at “Freedom to Dream”.

“Freedom to Dream” is a place that kids, 8-18, can go everyday to explore their own interests, in their own time, in their own way.

If you are interested in enrolling your child or children, 8 years old and up, please contact me for further details.